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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I have to comment on Carrie's shoes, can we say AWFUL. lets hope that trend never comes back!

Season 1 = 1998 (aww, the nineties :). I'm sure square-toed mules were tres chic back then!!

I have a similar dilemma, so I'd really like to know how you solve it. Have a skin-tone, extremely light, knit dress and no idea what to put over it. I really like how it looks with heavy boots, but no jacket fits... And the heavy-leather-jacket look with it is a little worn out (or maybe I just got bored with it). I was looking for a fake fur short jacket (maybe in some funny color?) to go with it but well... still looking for something that wouldn't look trashy.
keep us posted about it!

K - I'm also a big sucker for leather so would totally endorse your heavy-leather-jacket look... BUT! not covering up one's butt in the naked dress runs the risk of looking like pantless Lady Gaga, although it depends on what you're going for here... :) Call me conservative, but I'm all for a tush-covering alternative, at least until you're ready to shed the overcoat and flaunt the faux-nakedness!! Maybe a long feminine blazer in a matching neutral tone?? http://www.lagarconne.com/store/item.htm?itemid=10920&sid=19&pid=#

Marina I really like the feminine blazer idea. I tried some blazers, but I was going more in the manly, heavy material blazer and i didn't feel it. But I think an a bit oversized feminine blazer might be just what I need for my little dress ;)
As for the long leather jacket (in the other post): at first I though 'oh no, no way', but the longer I looked at it and tried to see a little naked dress under it, the more I liked it. I think I personally wouldn't go for something thus long, but I definitely think this combination could work. A pity you won't be able to get the coat on time...
So what will it be in the end?

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